Boswell assembles an experienced and dedicated team to manage each project from start to finish. Every team is hand-picked from our expert staff of construction professionals to handle the unique needs of your project. We take pride that each team member brings with them years of experience and a distinctive perspective. Our staff is passionate about building, enjoys solving problems, and approaches every situation with integrity and transparency.


We know that what we do as a company is about our clients and our services; that relationship speaks to something bigger than ourselves.

Jon Mut


Jon brings proven leadership driven by a passion for building. As a senior construction manager for a large homebuilder, and during his time at Habitat for Humanity as Director of Construction, he brings to Boswell a diverse range of building experiences. Jon has earned a reputation for building strong, collaborative relationships with clients and leading successful project teams. With a background in carpentry and a degree in finance and accounting, Jon excels at efficiency and operational excellence; bringing together expertise in process management, finance, and building.


Boswell brings together an experienced team with diverse skillsets to tackle the most complex projects.


Boswell dedicates a skilled and committed team to manage each project from start to finish. Every team is comprised of Project Manager, Superintendent, Project Coordinator, Project Accountant, Working Foreman and General Laborers. Each of our experienced team members is a specialist in their field who come together to coordinate every aspect of the project.

Construction Superintendent
On-site Superintendents are responsible for running day-to-day operations. Each Superintendent is dedicated to one project to provide the highest level of service, quality and attention to detail throughout the course of the project.
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinators are responsible for all administrative aspects of the project including document tracking, bid administration, meeting tracking, RFI’s, submittals, and ongoing schedule and budget tracking.
Project Manager

Project Managers oversee all planning, budgeting, and coordination of a project from concept to completion with a focus on resources in order to ensure that our team delivers work on time and on budget.

Working Foreman
Working Foremen are the on-site quality control supervisors working alongside the subcontractors to ensure that all installations are level, plumb, and straight.
General Labor
General Laborers are assigned to keep job sites in compliance with our high safety and visual standards and perform basic maintenance duties and traffic control.
Project Accountant
Project Accountants are responsible for a project’s financial administration including accounts payable, client invoicing, lien releases, and insurance requirements.
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