What's The Cool Stuff?

We have some favorite Boswell features ourselves. Here they are in no particular order.

  • We do so much writing that we have developed a great fondness for versionizing journal entries we are working on. This is an auto archive followed by a clone. It means you can keep on typing or deleting comforted by the knowledge that you have just preserved a previous version -- and you did not have to go through a dialog to do it or break your concentration to think of a file name. It's great when writing drafts or for keeping a single ever changing diary entry in your journal.
  • Stationery entries that already have filters embedded in them guaranteeing that, say, yet another entry about the main character in your novel will be auto-archived to both the notebook for your novel and the one you have just for that character.
  • Stationery entries that are pre-formatted for repetitive data like another person in a Rolodex notebook or another quotation for our collection. "Fields" are set up just like they would be in a database record and need only be filled in without having to think about it or remember how the earlier ones were done.
  • Boswell has a History menu that shows you the last 32 entries you viewed and will re-display any of them just by choosing from the menu. Keying command-1 will flip you between the last two entries. The more we use Boswell, the more we like it.
  • The entry header area has a tools icon that pops up a menu of handy commands and saves mousing up to the menubar all the time. It grows on you.
  • It also has a notebooks icon that pops up a menu of the other notebooks that contain the entry. It is not only handy "where else is this? " information, but choosing one of them from the menu will display it for you.
  • Entries and entire notebooks can be exported as text files. This is a nice way to do backups that will be forever readable by other software and creating drafts of long documents that word processors can format.
  • Complete freedom to move entries around using drag-and-drop. You can add many notebooks to one entry, many notebooks to many entries, and many entries to many notebooks.
  • Quick Search does a Google-like search of all the entries in the archive. It's an easy way to find stuff without bothering with a dialog.
  • The Manager is a dialog for those times when you want to do a heavy duty search, like "get me all the e-mails I exchanged with Fred, but not Joe, last April about the Harris project that contain the word 'deadline' and show me the results sorted by time" without having to master an arcane syntax. There is nothing like it.
  • The permanent "__Ignore" notebook. Sometimes you preserve a typo or something else that you never want to see again. Just add the entry to this notebook and it will be automatically excluded from the results of all future searches.
  • Any entry in any notebook is only three clicks away.


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